Optical Imaging Devices, Systems and Components

Impresa Imaging 3DWe are contracted exclusive agents of the Hungarian distributor for the Central region of Hungary for innovative and cost effective optical imaging systems. Our compact system range contains videographic and life Sciences film making cameras.

Our extended range deals with quasi 3D-estimational imaging from in vivo systems such as Biospace and Labeotech. For the latter range enquiries we advise sending us an email.

Contrast Materials and Fine Chemical Synthesis

Our company delivers single- and multi-modality innovative experimental contrast agents based on organic precursor molecules. We organise the synthesis of these chemical entities under our IP protection in different state-of-the art laboratories worldwide.
The main signal modalities of these molecules are fluorescence, magnetic resonance and in select cases different precursors for labeling.

BIO-SWIR imaging

Bio SWIR ImagingBIO-SWIR from Photon Etc. Montréal Canada is our flagship product in the life science imaging market. We carry their NIRVivo multi-mouse SWIR fluorescence system.